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Connectors for Timber & Masonry Construction Our complete range of construction connectors for new build, refurbishment, renovation and extension of buildings using timber and masonry. 
Connectors and Fasteners for Cross-Laminated Timber Performance tested connectors and fasteners and anchors for CLT & Mass Timber
Premium Fasteners
Our full range of nails and screws, available in a wide range of coatings for pretty much every application.
Connectors and Fasteners for Light Gauge Steel Performance tested connectors, oversail brackets, screws and hold downs for light gauge steel construction.
Quik Drive Collated Screw System The fastest and most reliable way to drive screws into timber, steel, fibre-cement and composites.
Connectors and Fasteners for Cross Laminated Timber Structures From Foundations an Floors to Wall and Ceilings - every CLT connection in one place.
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Design Series 1200mm Garden Bench Project Instructions
Project Guide and Materials List
Design Series 2x2 Tri-Pergola Project Instructions
Project Guide and Materials List
Project Materials List
Design Brochure - UK Edition
PBWS Folded Post Base The PBWS Post Base with the ZPRO coating. Engineered to perform, dressed to last.
Racking Solutions for Timber Framed Buildings Strong-Portal - provides racking resistance to timber frame structures with large openings.
Structural Fasteners Technical Guide Characteristic parameters and load capacities for our Solid-Drive structural timber fasteners.
Masonry Connectors A range of masonry connectors, including wall extension profiles, wire ties and brick to timber ties. 
Plastering Bead and Mesh A range of beads, meshes and lathing available in galvanised steel, stainless steel and PVCu.
Post Bases and Column Caps Performance tested post bases, adjustable, standoff and concealed options.
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SNRK Information Download
Timber and Masonry Connectors Pocket Guide - Timber and Masonry Connectors
Wall Posters
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Builders Metalwork See how some of our most popular connectors work.
Builders Metalwork The most popular builders metalwork solutions at a glance.
Engineered Floor Connectors Engineered Floor Connectors Wall Poster
Metal Web Joist Connectors Metal Web Joist Connectors Poster
Timber Frame Connectors Timber Frame Connectors Poster
Truss Connectors
Truss and Roof Connectors Poster


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