New Managing Director for UK & Ireland

Cyndi Chandler

Simpson Strong-Tie UK & Ireland celebrated New Year by officially welcoming new Managing Director Cyndi Chandler, who has made the big move across the Atlantic from her home in Texas.

Originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, Cyndi jokes that she was just 5 when she began her 39 year career at Simpson Strong-Tie at McKinney, Texas, as Receptionist. Since then, Cyndi has held a wide range of Sales and Accounts roles in Texas and in North Carolina, before heading up the team responsible for putting down the Simpson footprint in South America, where she built the business in Chile up from nothing “with the help of her amazing team”.

Cyndi’s main focus will now be building business in the UK & Ireland by selling introducing new product lines as well as connectors, and on giving our customers that relentless customer focus that was so important to Simpson Strong-Tie company founder Barclay Simpson.

The organisation culture built by Barclay, who Cyndi worked with on several occasions, is essential to Cyndi, who says “You’ve got to have fun, that’s one of Barclay’s 9 values: have fun, be humble. We work really hard, but we can have lots of fun too.”


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