Adjustable Post Base with Stand Off

The ABW is an adjustable post base with a stand off for the post to help prevent moisture induced decay to the timber post. Designed for versatility and cost effectiveness.

  • Slot in the base enables flexible positioning around the anchor bolt
  • Can be installed onto a threaded bar in poured concrete or with a resin or mechanical anchor into solid concrete (sold separately)


CE Marking
Service class 3

Product Details




  • Pre-galvanised mild steel

Technical Data


Product Dimensions

References Post Size [mm] Product Dimensions [mm] Holes
A B C F t1 t2 Washer Top Base
Ø4.1 Ø14
ABW44Z89 x 8990.590.559.525.41.61.650x50x3.581
ABW44RZ100 x 100101.6101.65025.41.61.650x50x3.581
ABW66Z133 x 133139.7139.776.
ABW66RZ150 x 150152.4152.471.425.41.82.776x76x6.0121

Characteristic Capacities

References Number of Fasteners
Into Post Into Concrete Characteristic Capacity - Timber C24 [kN]
Qty Nails Qty Anchors R1,k R2,k
ABW44Z83.75 x 751Ø1253.93.1
ABW44RZ83.75 x 751Ø1258.2-
ABW66Z124.0 x 901Ø12105.97.4
ABW66RZ124.0 x 901Ø12110.46.6

The published characteristic capacity is based on medium term load duration and service class 3 according to EC5 (EN 1995). For other load duration and service class, please refer to the ETA.




  • Place the base, washer and nut on the anchor bolt, loosely fasten the nut
  • Place the stand off base and then the post in the ABW and fasten on three vertical sides
  • Make any necessary adjustments to post placements and tighten the nut anchor securely via the open side
  • Bend up the fourth side of the ABW and fasten
  • Not recommended when the top of post/column is not restrained (e.g. fence post)

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