Valley Truss Clip

Specifically designed to provide an effective connection allowing valley trusses to be connected to common trusses. The VTCR eliminates the need to add a support wedge under the valley truss or to bevel the bottom chord to match the roof pitch. Site-adjustable, this single peice solution can be used on roof pitch angles from 10° to 40°.

CE Marking
Service class 2
Electrogalvanized steel 20 µm

Product Details



  • Pre-galvanised mild steel.

Key Features

  • Structural valley connection.
  • Single sided for new construction or retro fit.
  • Field adjustment for pitch. Adjustable between 10 and 40 degrees.
  • Eliminates bottom chord bevelling or wedging.
  • Reduces valley installation cost.
  • Reduces valley truss manufacture cost.
  • Suitable for use with 35mm and 47mm wide truss timbers
  • The dome holes assist in installing the fasteners into the supporting truss at approximately 45°

Technical Data


Product Dimensions

References Tun / DB nr. NOB nr. Dimensions [mm] Flange B Flange C Box Quantity
A B C t Ø3.8 Dome Ø4

Performance Values

References Number of Fasteners Characteristic Capacity [kN] Safe Working Loads [kN]
Common truss
(Flange B)
Valley Truss
(Flange C)
R1,k R2,k R1,SWL,LongTerm R2,SWL,Short Term
Qty Specification Qty Specification 35mm 47mm 35mm 47mm
  1. 35mm and 47mm refers to the thickness of the supporting common truss timbers
  2. R2 loads are applicable to 35mm and 47mm timbers




  • Install VTCR with all specified fasteners:  3.35x65mm round wire nails into the supporting truss and 3.75x30mm square twsit nails into the valley truss
  • Position the VTCR onto the supporting truss and install the 3.35x65mm nail at an angle of 45º through the dome nail holes. (Fig 1)
    • Note:  when the supporting truss is 35mm thick, a portion of the nails will be exposed before penetrating into the side of the truss (Fig 3)
  • Bend the  uppper flange of the VTCR to the required angle; position the valley truss against this leg and install the 3.75x30mm nail into the bottom chord of the valley truss (Fig 1)
  • Install a VTCR on each of the top chords of the supporting trusses at each intersection of supporting truss and valley truss


Declaration of Performance (DoP)

European Technical Assessment (ETA)

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