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  • Timeless outdoor living in no time at all

    Timeless outdoor living, in no time at all

    Vintage flair - year after year

    Vintage flair - year after year

Outdoor Living

Decorative Hardware for Garden Structures

Introducing the Mission Collection®, a new line of decorative wood connectors and fasteners from the Design Series range of outdoor living solutions.

Simpson know-how for the garden

Sharing the same DNA as our construction connectors, the Mission Collection® is designed and tested to be easy to install and to ensure a safe, strong structure.

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    • Light Rafter Tie (APA21)

    • Make connections stronger and provide consistent, straight corners for a variety of outdoor projects.

    • Structural Angle Bracket (APA4)

    • Larger than the APA21, use this angle bracket where a structural connection is required.

    • Decorative Hex Head Washer (STN22-R8)

    • This hex head washer provides the appearance of a bolted connection, yet is easier and faster to install than through-bolting.

    • Decorative Bottle Opener (APBO-KT)

    • The APBO-KT decorative bottle opener with a built-in catch cup. Simple to install, it can be fixed directly to any vertical timber post.

    • Post Base (APB44)

    • Decorative and robust, this post base secrurely fixes timber posts to concrete.

    • 'L' Shape Strap Tie (APL4)

    • A flat 'L' shape plate for reinforcing connections where one timber piece intersects another at a 90° angle.

    • APT T Shape Bracket

    • This flat 'T' shape plate provides reinforcement to connections where one timber piece intersects another at a 90° angle.

    • SDWH Structural Screw

    • Structural wood screw that reduces installation time by driving effortlessly into the wood - no pre-drilling required.

  1. Outdoor living in no time at all

    Maybe you already have a project in mind, or maybe these project plans can help you achieve pergola perfection or garden bench bliss. Each once lists the exact lengths of timber you need.


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