Heavy Duty Elevated Post Base

The PBH is suitable for heavy duty post support applications including Glulam timber posts,with a standoff height of 216mm. Dowels included.

PBH75 suitable for posts 75 x 75mm to 120 x 120mm
PBH120 suitable for posts 120 x 120mm to 200 x 200mm

CE Marking
Service class 3
Galvanised steel

Product Details




  • Hot-dip galvanised mild steel plate

Technical Data


Product Dimensions

References Timber Post Size [mm] Product Dimensions [mm] Top plate holes Bottom plate holes
A B C D E F G H t1 t2 Ø8,5 Ø14
PBH7575x75 - 120x120757511016010021642.4458822
PBH120120x120 - 200x20012012011015515521642.4908844

Product characteristic capacities - Simplified values

References Simplified product capacities - Timber to Concrete
Number of Fasteners Simplified characteristic capacities - Timber C24 [kN]
On post On concrete R1.k* R2.k R3.k=R4.k R5.k=R6.k
Qty Type Qty Type Width of the post [mm] Width of the post [mm] Width of the post [mm]
80 100 120 80 100 120 80 100 120
PBH754STD Ø82Ø12**
PBH1204STD Ø84Ø12**156.420.720.720.

*The published characteristic capacity is based on medium term load duration and service class 3 according to EC5 (EN 1995) ( kmod = 0.7). For other load duration and service class, please refer to the ETA to get more accurate capacities.

**Refer to the Simpson Strong-Tie anchor product range for suitable anchors. Typical anchor solutions depend on the concrete type, spacing and edge distances.





  • Use the flitch plate to mark and drill the 8mm diameter holes for the dowels
  • Cut a 9mm slot in the side adjacent to the drilled holes, for the flitch plate
  • Fix to the foundation with M12 anchors
  • Lower the post onto the flitch plate, align the holes and fit the dowels
  • Not recommended when the top of post/column is not restrained (e.g. fence post)
  • Stainless steel option available to order


Declaration of Performance (DoP)

European Technical Assessment (ETA)


  • Post Bases and Column Caps

    Post Bases and Column Caps

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