• New 19mm flooring screw banishes squeaky floorboards for good

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  •   Light Gauge Steel Catalogue 2021

    NEW! Connectors & Fasteners for Light Gauge Steel, Click here for more information.

  • Introducing the brand new Premium Fasteners range.

    Europe’s leading range of superior nails and screws; including stainless steel, structural and collated options.

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  • The award winning Quik Drive system.

    There is a Quik Drive system to suit just about every application - from decking to drywall installation and mezzanine floor construction. Click here to buy now.

  • OUT NOW! Connectors for Timber and Masonry Construction 2020

    Designed to make it simpler for builders, engineers and architects,

    the catalogue boasts our widest range of products to date.

  • Industry News

    Don’t Let Rusty Ruin Your Render!

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