Cross Laminated Timber

Connectors for CLT Construction

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  1. What is CLT

    Cross laminated timber (CLT) panels comprise 4-8 layers of timber set at 90° angles per layer. Each panel can be as much as 20 metres long, 4 metres high and between 60 - 320 mm thick.

    Versatility, Stability and Strength

    The perpendicular construction of CLT panels affords them very high mechanical strength and high dimensional stability, allowing architects and building planners considerable freedom with their designs. Panels can easily be incorporated into hybrid construction projects such as timber-concrete and timber-steel.


    Advantages of CLT

    • Environmentally-friendly construction material
    • Superior mechanical performance, yet much lighter than masonry or concrete alternatives
    • High precision of cutting means consistency and accuracy
    • Maximum architectural freedom
    • Slim-line nature of CLT makes best use of plot surface area
    • Prefabricated elements can be assembled off-site.
    • Dry construction process means shorter building times and faster occupancy.

    Performance tested connectors and fastenings designed specifically for CLT

    Performance tested connectors and fastenings designed specifically for CLT
    Since 1956, it has been our mission to provide solutions that help people to design and build safer, stronger structures.

    As CLT emerged as a method we were already able to draw on many products in our existing ranges, since then we have mobilised our reaseach and development teams throughout Europe to identify and fulfil ways to enhance the construction process further.

    From foundation anchoring to roof uplift resistace and everythign in between

    Today, we have the widest suite of load characteristic, acoustic and seismic performance tested connectors and screws for CLT construction.

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