Connector Nail

CNA nails are annular ring shank connector nails with a conical shape under the head. These nails are recommended for structural assemblies and installation of Simpson Strong-Tie connectors to timber, in order to obtain the published load bearing capacities. All tests were performed with this type of nail. CNA nails are stamped ≠ "no equal".

CE Marking
Service class 2
Acier électrozingué 12µm

Product Details



  • Steel (class 005 Standard EN10016) - electrogalvanised coating 


  • CE marked to EN14592
  • ETA approved (ETA-04/0013)
  • Conical shape under the head for secure fit in connector holes
  • High pull-out resistance


Suitable On

  • Supporting / Supported member: solid wood, composite lumber, glued-laminated wood.

Common Applications

Fixing connectors to timber including solid wood, composite lumber and glued-laminated timber.

  • Joist hanger fastening
  • Angle brackets
  • Straps
  • Nail plates

Technical Data


Product dimensions and capacities

References Product Dimensions [mm]
l d dh ht
CNA4.0X35 35 4.4 7 1.5
CNA4.0X50 50 4.4 7 1.5
CNA4.0X60 60 4.4 7 1.5

Capacities are for 2mm thick steel plates and Grade C24 timber. Please refer to ETA-04/0013 for the capacities of other thicknesses and timber grades